Privacy policy

Washi takes your privacy very seriously and does not store any personal data outside of your email address.

This privacy policy applies to all personal information submitted by you on Washi.

Personal data

Washi stores the following information about you, after signing up:

You can, at any time, delete all your data permanently and effective immediately via the Settings page of the app.


Washi uses session cookies to keep your account logged in on the same web browser.

If you enable the Google Calendar integration, your browser will also store the Google cookies used to retrieve your calendar events. Your Google account and calendar data are not stored on Washi's server and are only available on your browser; such data is deleted on logout or when the integration is disabled.

External services

Washi collects crash and error reports using Sentry, but IP addresses are not stored and all other user data is anonymized.


Please report any security breach, which will be disclosed transparently.