A single place for all your notes.

Take notes, organize them, and manage todos without losing your focus.

Markdown + WYSIWYG

Write rich text, with full Markdown support.


Write and manage todos in your notes and find them later.

Calendar integration

Quickly reference your schedule in your notes.


No trackers, end-to-end encrypted notes.

Proper Markdown support.

Writing should be fast, clear, and simple: Markdown makes it possible without having to move away from your keyboard.

Washi supports the full Markdown syntax, with Github-flavored additions.

A simple flow for text and todos.

When you take your notes, there's no reason to leave your focus to create tasks somewhere else: simply write them in your content, and Washi will help you finding them later.

Two writing modes: agenda and notebook.

In the agenda every note is tied to a date, and you can see your daily schedule straight from your calendar, create quick meeting notes, and manage your todos.

The notebook is the place for standalone, free notes for your ideas, shopping lists, larger projects, and anything you want to keep written down.

For engineers, students, journalists.

Code syntax highlighting, inline LaTeX formulas, images and captions, sketches and diagrams make Washi a great tool for taking complex notes, tackling classes, designing projects, and never losing any piece of content.

Categorize everything with hashtags and find anything with global, fast search. Keyboard shortcuts are fully supported for almost anything operation.

When you want to show your notes to somebody, just create a public link and share it.

For quick calculations, units and currency conversions just create a small box that does all the math for you, live and inline.

Private and secure.

Your content is yours, as it should always be: your notes are end-to-end encrypted and nobody but you can read or access them.

Washi does not track your activity or monetize your data – ever.